Sonic Rock Solstice, Penmaenau Farm, Builth Wells, Wales

What a truly extraordinary weekend we had at the Sonic Rock Solstice Festival!  With some of our newest dancers in tow, we rocked the fuck outta that gig (language, I know), and had an absolute blast in the process.  We rocked out with the bands, we rocked out with the revellers, and we rocked out with our own bad selves camping at night.  We danced until we could dance no more, and then drank until we could dance again.  It was epic, it was awesome, and it was worth doing again.  We'll see you all back there in 2014!

"Book them while you still can!"

"A must for a return in 2014" 
A. Skinner

"They where great, really added to the whole vibe. I hope they'll be part of some more festivals." 

R. Manson

"Back next year I hope, very entertaining!" 
A. Skinner

"Loved them, they were so cool and entertaining." 
D. Evans

"Weirdos............ EXCELLENT!" 
R. Om

"I love the steampunkers. Brightened up a wet festy, they where all cool and great to see and hear, much respect to you all" 
D.P. Butler

"Amazing. Can't wait to see them again sometime" 
A. M. Song

"The female morris dancers were gorgeous." 
M. Dudleson

"They where excellent and added an extra dimension to the festival all weekend. Loved it, the dancing, the costumes, the happy faces, brill!" 
 A. Jones